National Orchid Garden

Project in collaboration with Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Singapore 2015. Located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the National Orchid Garden retains extremely high levels of appeal and is held in high esteem by visitors from around the world. A series of interventions allows the orchids to […]

Sports Hub in Singapore

The project is characterized as the largest water sports complex in Singapore. It was done in 2015 in collaboration with Gustafson Porter, London. Water gardens create atmospheric spaces and inform the visitor about the landscape of Singapore. Different species aquatic plants are used as a natural […]

International Pavilion

  Project in collaboration with Gustafson Porter, London 2015. The International Pavilion is located in a prominent position anchoring International Square to the southwest and facing the main route to Olympicopolis and the Olympic Park. Two timber clad blocks frame an open glass atrium space spanning the width of the […]

Redcliffe road

Project in collaboration with Stefano Marinaz, London 2014. Space for a garden is often limited in London, and this site in Chelsea is no exception. Our split-level design offers a successful solution to a common problem. By making the garden a true extension of the house, […]

Symbiosis – Living together

Competition | in collaboration with Giedre Paliukaityte | 2014 | France The project was built on historical site known as Hortillonnages in the heart of Amiens. The concept of Symbiosis comes from Ancient Greek meaning σύν “together” and βίωσις “living”. It is the base for […]


Project in collaboration with Stefano Marinaz, London 2014. The Gatehouse is a family home in Buckinghamshire set among the pines, ferns and rhododendrons of a stretch of pristine woodland. Renovations to the house have been made by Studio Architettura in a project that also incorporates a new wing […]

Convoys Wharf – Revitalising the Metropolis

Final MA project | 2014 | University of Greenwich, London This project intends to open Convoys Wharf to the river Thames and add a new programme, a shipbuilding industry for taxi boats. The site’s historical and social characters play an important role in the development […]

Garden in Greenwich University

Garden design | 2013 | University of Greenwich, London The sad, still and void character of the pre-existing space makes one feel the necessity of colour, rhythm and visual context for this garden. A narrative could be set, through which the visitors’ view could be […]